Web Site Design Courses / Web Development Courses

This practical course introduces students to the construction of websites and internet technology. It is designed to provide real world experience in the creation and implementation of sitedesign. Students will learn current market tools and develop an understanding of the underlying technologies.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to HTML and the Web

    Get a grounding in the correct use of HTML . This course is perfect for anyone planning to use HTML in web design, be it for Dreamweaver, CMS or any other field.

  2. Complete Web Site Design Course

    HTML, CSS & Dreamweaver.This course teaches you how to get to grips with Dreamweaver. The course includes: learning HTML and its syntax, how to design sites using CSS and how to maintain and add content for sites. This course is unique in that you have the option to work on your own material or you can use one of our commercially created designs. In either case, you will finish with a commercially useable and search engine friendly web site.

  3. The Power of JavaScript

    This vital  course introduces the power of JavaScript and how one can best make use of this powerful language to validate web forms and perform other useful functions during the process of web site development.

  4. Web Effects with Ajax, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML

    This inspiring one day course teaches you how to source and successfully integrate a variety of exiting and up-to-date interactive web effects and techniques in order to spice up your website creations.